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German language double entendres?

Awkward and kind of naughty question: Are there any specific double entendres in German that really just don't work in other languages? Something oddly idiomatic that won't translate the same literally, or a particular word simply not having the same connotations outside of its original language. I'm unlikely to use individual examples directly, as they would likely be ridiculously anachronistic anyway (the setting being an alternate-universe 19th century Paris) but I'm attempting to think of ways in which sexual or simply sarcastic connotations intended in a statement could possibly get lost in translation. The double entendre/pun itself needn't be overtly filthy, but probably still something you wouldn't want to have to explain to your mother. Even really awful ones, equivalent to "that's what she said!" or "that's not what you said last night!" (Bonus points if it refers to homosexuality, even vaguely. Dang, this is starting to read like a really weird question. Still more bonus points if it's something with a pretty good vintage on it to begin with-- for example, I still know people who honestly use "to die" in English as an euphemism for orgasm. Any region, if they differ, and any social class.) 

The character in question is a native speaker of  what Wikipedia suggest would be North Upper German, and is modestly familiar with French, though not fluent. I'm afraid my personal knowledge of the German language is limited, and my access to fluent German speakers for the topic isn't great on this subject as most of them are my teachers. I wish there was some kind of crash course that could teach you 19th century filth-- I'd be all over it. Thanks for any help people here can offer!

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Tags: ~languages: german, ~sex

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