Shanghai Jim (shanghai_jim) wrote in little_details,
Shanghai Jim

Japanese surname/region

Place: Story set in San Francisco, but refers to Nagasaki, Japan
Time: December 1941

Is there any connection between a specific Japanese surname and a prefecture or historical region? I need to settle on a name for a minor character in the first chapter of my novel, an unusual woman who eloped with an American naval officer shortly after the Russo-Japanese war. I would like her to be from Nagasaki, and her name has to start with an O. In her widowhood this unusual and relatively flamboyant lady opened up her Eureka Valley house as a boarding house with four rooms for young men going to college or starting out in some sort of respectable profession, and they call her Miss O, both out of affection and because her maiden Japanese surname is just a bit long. I had been thinking of "Okahashi". (In my drafts she had been Miss Onizuka because all I knew was the anime from the manga I never even really watched.)

Searched: "Okahashi", various other names
Tags: japan: history, ~names
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