Kitty Noir (lady_bealzabub) wrote in little_details,
Kitty Noir

New York Victorian Lower Class Slang

I have a LARP character who was a low class 17-year-old female character living in New York in the 1890s.

I've been looking up some victorian American slang or local vernacular with no avail. Most of what I've been able to find in Cockney based, which I really don't think will work.

Mainly looking for things one would say when they are frightened or startled as well as confused. Terms of endearment would also be really nice.

Google searches used: Various combinations of "Victorian", "slang", "New York", "Local vernacular" .
Tags: 1890-1899, usa: new york: new york city, ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses

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