not_quite_queen (not_quite_queen) wrote in little_details,

Enemies of Dragons

Time: 1700s (or somewhere near it)
Setting: Rollion plains, mountains...I'm not sure if it matters.
Terms searched: Every form of enemy, enemies, dragon, dragons, myths, legends, mythology, folklore, beliefs, and of that I can think of.
Places searched: Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, BananaSlug (which was not helpful in the least), and Ask!

Are there any specific mythological races (i.e. elves, dwarves) that have a strong hatred of dragons? My friend asked me to create a nemesis for him with her own army of dragon-hating...blank. He left that part up to me. -_-

Help? That's really all that I need.

EDIT: Thanks for all of the suggestions! That actually helps me out a lot...^_^
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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