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Paternity/Maternity tests in kidnapping case, justifying parenthood without mother

So, I have a question.

Setting: A made up city somewhere in the East Coast, USA, 2009. The state can be ambiguous.

The Situation:

Character A and Character B have sex.

Nine months later Character B gives birth. Almost immediately afterwards, the baby is kidnapped. The kidnapping is widely publicized.

At the same time, Character A surfaces with a newborn baby.

Basically, what I want is this: An investigation into A's baby in connection with the kidnapping, but because A can provide a paternity test which proves he is the baby's father, the investigation is dropped.

What I don't want: is for A and B to be revealed as the parents. B herself is not going to speak up.

So, here are my questions: 1. Would a detective accept a paternity test provided by A's doctor? Would he insist on a maternity test as well, or would the paternity test be enough to discourage the investigation? (The investigation would have been seen as an extremely long shot to begin with--Character A and Character B both have such high profiles that any connection between them would look absurd. Probably what the detective would suspect to begin with is that A had been somehow set up, not actually guilty of kidnapping.)

2. How does A justify the sudden baby without producing a mother? Would claiming the mother hid her pregnancy and gave up her child be enough? Or should he claim it was an adoption publicly, but admit to the detective that he is the baby's father, but the mother was inappropriate--(implying a relative or something) so he hid the pregnancy for fear of scandal? A is both famous and old money wealthy, so this could work?

Sorry, I know this is really complicated, but I have no idea how to google this! Any help you can give me is extremely appreciated.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction
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