Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in little_details,

Yakuza: Name(s) of Inagawa-kai sub-clan(s)

The Inagawa-kaï is the third largest yakuza family in Japan, with roughly 7,400 members divided into 313 clans.

I have been completely unable to find the name of even one of these clans - or even what kind of name they could be expected to have (something prosaic like "Nakamura clan"? Or dramatic like "Clan of the Red Dragon"? Or pseudo-traditonal like "Heroic Samurai of Ginza"?).

All my googling has led to nothing - everyone seems to be copying everyone else here, and persistently speaks of sub-clans, but never names any of them.

If anyone knows names of sub-clans of the other yakuza families, that would also be helpful - I could extrapolate...

Thank you!
Tags: japan (misc), ~organized crime

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