Aurilly (aurilly) wrote in little_details,

Picking People Up from Hospitals

Say someone is terribly injured in the street (some sort of accident). He is brought unconscious into the hospital and remains in serious condition for a few days. He has a wallet and identification on him, but he lives alone and there is no one to call, and no family members live in the country. Basically, no one knows he's ill. When he wakes up, he has amnesia. Someone does come by to claim him, but he isn't family. He tells the nurses that he is a friend. When it's time for the patient to go home, is this friend allowed to take him home? Is there some way that hospital administration checks that this "friend" isn't a stalker? Do they just let anyone walk in and walk off with you?

As you can tell, I don't know much about hospitals, but this struck me as suspect when I was plotting in my head. Of course, if the real world isn't convenient for my cliched little soap opera, I'll just ignore it, but it's always nice to at least take a stab at realism. :D
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals

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