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Ammunition to Pierce Kevlar IIA Vest

Location: East Coast police department
Date:        Current Day (2009)
Searched: Wikipedia & Google (Teflon rounds, Kevlar-piercing rounds, metals in ammunition, types of Kevlar)


I'm working on a fic and would really appreciate your help.

I have two police officers in a small theatre (approximately 45x60 feet) with a catwalk 20 feet above the stage floor (for access to rigging lights). The perpetrator fires at the cops across the stage, from the catwalk, with a semi-automatic pistol. I want the perp to fire a Glock 35 with .40 cal ammo, because he'd have easy access to one, and the cops are carrying Glock-34 9mm models. I want the firefight to be fairly equal.

With the perp using that weapon, in the proximity I have outlined, can he fire a fatal shot through a Kevlar vest with a IIA protection rating? I'm at least looking for a potentially-fatal through and through to the arm (which wouldn't be protected by the vest) or the shoulder (without having to resort to the old "hit through the shoulder seam" excuse).

If a Glock 35 with .40 cal ammo wouldn't do it, what combination of semi-automatic plus ammo would I have to use? It has to be a semi-auto because it's in a dark theatre and the perp won't hit his targets the first time.
Tags: 2000-2009, ~weapons: firearms
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