a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote in little_details,
a sudden absence of bees

Escaping from one's own house

Setting: Anytown, U.S., present day. The house in question is in a quiet suburban neighbourhood.

I drew a blank on search terms, but I did read this cool book recently. However, none of the advice therein applied to residential areas.

The main character is at home when the cops knock on his door. They've just figured out that he is not who he claims to be, and invite him down to the station to discuss his brand new charges of using a false identity. I need him to escape, quickly, and by doing something clever and sneaky rather than, say, punching out the cops and making a break for it.

I should also add that said character is in his early 50s and fat, so climbing out of his kitchen window isn't really an option.

ETA: The location is still flexible. It needs to be somewhere that gets cold at least occasionally, but that leaves a pretty broad spectrum of possibilities.
Tags: usa (misc), ~architecture
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