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*feels like a loser* Harry Potter help?

Not exactly google-able, sadly...

1. I need really, really, really cliché and bad nicknames that you've read for Harry Potter as a child. Because I intend to parody the crap out of them.
ETA: Like... When Sirius or Remus are portrayed as calling him Pup. Or other characters call him Lightning or Bolt, or maybe Green-Eyes.

2. Nicknames that would be used for a little boy... in Italian. Something a bit more original than 'bambino'... I'd just start throwing random stuff into online translators, but the massive gender-specific spelling in Italian makes me think that wouldn't be a good idea. They don't have to be specific to Harry Potter's characteristics, just general nicknames.
ETA: I actually decided what I'm going to use for this :) "Silly" as one... "Little monkey" as another. Thanks though!

3. Animagus-Harry. I'm about 10 years (in my story) from this happening, but I thought I'd just plan it out now. What have you found believeable as an animagus form for Harry? And what makes more sense to you in how he becomes one? Is it a spell, a potion, meditation? How long do you see it taking?
ETA: I think I might be going with a monkey. 'Cause I've never read anything where he is one. And thanks for the opinions and the help!

Thanks, I feel like an absolute dork right now :/
Tags: ~languages: italian, ~names
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