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Japanese movies set on/about railways and railway stations.

Hi. I'm looking for the titles of movies about Japanese railways and stations. I'm not planning on watching them, so it doesn't matter if they're good movies or bad movies. It doesn't matter whether they're Japanese-made so long as they're set in Japan, and conversely, Japanese films set outside Japan won't do.

My story's set in the US in the early years of the 21st century, so I'd prefer films released no later than 2003 (which rules out Densha Otoko for one) but I could fudge that a little; any time before that is great, however far back in cinema history. Any genre or none is fine, but ideally I'd like sci-fi or horror. Animated films would do fine.

I've dug about on Google (not helpful; I tried several queries and almost all the hits I got were nonfiction - news clips or Youtube clips), and sifted through plot keywords ('train station' / 'railway' + 'Japanese') on IMDB. Here's what I have so far:

Hachiko monogatari
Manin densha (A Full-Up Train)

Does anyone out there know of any others? edit: I should stress that I mean films featuring real Japanese railways and stations, not fictional ones.
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