X-parrot (xparrot) wrote in little_details,

English-Russian Translation: "Sublimation"

Anyone know the Russian word for "sublimation" - in this case, the Freudian psychological meaning of the word, to redirect impulses to something more socially acceptable. Or else a synonym with similar meaning ("redirect" or "channel" or "repress" anything of the sort).

Erm, and Latin alphabet transliteration of the Russian would be very appreciated.

(Tried to look this one up myself, but since "sublimation" has multiple meanings, online translators are no help - сублимАция and очищЕние seem to be more scientific in meaning, though I'm not sure? - and I don't have access to a complete English-Russian dictionary...)

ETA: consensus here & on linguaphiles is that сублимация (sooblimaciya - a transliteration of the English word) is the correct psychological term - thanks much, everyone!
Tags: ~languages: russian
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