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Couple questions about UK cars and drug scene

Oh wow, is this the first time I've posted here? That's bizarre.

Alright, so, these are really little details. Basically, I'm making a noir-type modern day mystery comic thing, that happens to be in London. The location isn't important to the story, but since I know it's in London, and I'd like people to go 'Ohh yeaaah that makes sense' if they ask, I'm trying to get the details right. And since it's a comic as well, there can be a lot of unspoken details.
Now I've been to London, but since I don't live there, most of my stuff comes from research.

The main character has a car, that is important to the story. From his financial and... All around status, it really should be some kind of used-but-kinda-reliable car. However, again, I live in America, and the cars were hella different when I was in London. I've googled various combination of 'old cars', 'london', 'used cars', etc, but most of what I get is people trying to sell me things, which isn't really what I want. Personal information would be loved, really.

Second up, the main character lives with a drug dealer (and by cumulative effect and having an addictive personality, is somewhat of a druggie). I've done plenty of research in drugs and their effects, etc, but am having a pretty hard time finding social information about that kind of thing (Short of watching movies), and even harder finding out if there's some different quirks to the Britain drug scene then American (Which is where I find any information about). Different slang words or customs specifically would be great.

Third off, like I said, the main character is supposed to be played off as a not-quite-completely-addicted druggie. He's already a heavy smoker, which I reason would make it easier to be convinced to try something more, especially being something of a depressed guy. Besides marijuana, is there something he could stick in hand-rolled cigarettes? I'm also curious (going with the above question) if certain drugs are more popular in the UK then the US.
(The last two I've done a lot of blanket searches on, but most information comes up from the US, or in poll results. Specifically I've been using search terms like 'Uk/Britian, drug scene, cigarettes, drugs, hand-rolled, slang' and... A bunch of other stuff not off the top of my head.)

I hope I got the tags right. I probably should've done more research, but what I'm really looking for is... Well first-hand accounts or interviews or something. Not the statistics I keep getting.
Tags: ~cars

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