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Birth certificates, declaration of paternity

Hi. Wow, I just love the idea of this site.

Time: 2003-2009 (I don't think I could go back any further)
Location: California, U.S.--birth could be amended to Arizona, nevada or another relatively nearby state.

I was working under the impression that a mother could put down a "father's" name on a child's birth certificate and that that person would be considered the legal father of the child unless it was contested and otherwise proven. But I stumbled across some possible contradictory info that made me wonder....
If the "father" and mother are not married do the rules change? Does the father have to sign a declaration of paternity to be listed or is it optional? I'm just wondering if it's possible in this day and age for the mother to just put anyone down or have the rules tightened?
I understand unmarried fathers are encouraged to sign Declarations of Paternity, and that it is indeed and option, but is that signed declaration *mandatory* in order to be listed as the father on a birth certificate? And if so, does anyone know of a state in which it is not?

For the purpose of the story the "father" is not biologically the father, but it will never be contested or even widely known.
I really hope this works.

Searched: "California birth certificates", "declaration of paternity"
(results were mostly centered around child support and ordering certificate copies)

Thank you.

Tags: usa: california, ~custody & social services

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