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Animal Mauling, NY Hospitals in the 1980s

Finally broke down and joined up to ask a couple of questions that my (relatively weak) Google-fu has failed to answer concerning a fanfic I've been working on. I've done some backtracking through the old posts here as well as some prodding about on Wikipedia, but I'm just not finding the details I need.

Setting is late '80s (specifically 1988 to 1989) New York, character in question is a Latino male in his late teens from a lower class background. Also, story is set in a world  were giant alien robots exist and are on Earth in a semi-public way, but most humans (including the afore-mentioned teen) do not have access to any superscience.

First off, let's begin with wounding! Character was badly mauled by a robotic condor, mainly cutting and slashing wounds, which resulted in him undergoing surgery and then being hospitalized. I have in mind that he's had at least his leg slashed open,  to a degree that he'll walking with at least a limp, and was further mauled to a point that he'd have been put in a critical condition. (Suggestions on what other kinds of injuries come from animal maulings are welcome!)

Storywise, he's passing off the injuries as being the result of a nasty wipe-out on motorcycle. He's had visits from the police several times during his stay at the hospital, on the suspicions that it's gang related given the nature of his injuries. Would they accept that it was a "motorcycle accident" or will they be more likely to assume it's a lie? I do not want him to end up in custody, but I'm interested in possibly using police survelliance as an excuse for him having closely watched for an extended period of time.

There are also a few points on his stay in the hospital and his release. As written, I've got him spending at least a few weeks at Mt. Sinai and I need to know if this would be unusual for someone like him to be there.  I also need something about how long it'd take for him to resume normal activities and what kinds of aftercare he'd be expected to follow. I'm especially interested with when it'd be alright for him have sex, since I'm planning for there to be a point in the story where there'll be at least a romantically intimate encounter for him.  And on a minor note, is it standard practice for recently released patients to be wheeled out of a hospital in a wheelchair or would he be able to walk out on crutches?

The final bit of information I'm needing is if an older same-sex partner would be allowed to handle the paperwork and other things, like picking up perscripitons, for our injured character. I'm willing to have the partner claim to be either a social worker or relative, but I'm planning on there being some rather obivious hints that they're actually a gay couple. Again, I'd love to have further details on how the hospital staff might react to this as well.

Thanks in advance for any and all info you wonderful folks can provide!

Searches done have included: "car wrecks", "car accidents", "animal maulings", "recovery", "hospital release", "resuming normal activites after ____"
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~medicine: injuries to order

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