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Breaking a fall without serious injuries

Time: 1970
Place: New York City

Story: Two young, physically-fit characters are attempting to scale a hotel with a grappling hook and rope. Before they reach the roof the rope breaks. For the purposes of the plot something needs to break their fall and allow them to flee the scene (i.e., no broken spines or bones jutting out at odd angles).

I was thinking about them landing in an open dumpster filled with trash bags and discarded mattresses. Is that plausible for absorbing the impact? About how many feet could the fall be, assuming that they land in the dumpster and act quickly enough to roll/loosen their limbs?

I've googled "how to survive a fall" and gotten helpful tips on what the characters can do to increase their odds of survival, but I want to make sure the specific scenario is workable.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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