Just a Reprise (stolenfairytale) wrote in little_details,
Just a Reprise

Non-biological family getting custody?

Hi, I'm a bit stuck. This is for a story I'm working on. I've googled non-biological family getting custody, uncles getting custody and custody issues. I'm looking at US law here, but really anything would be helpful.

Here's my situation.

There is a set of adult twins, Eve and Eden. Eve is married to a man named James. Eden has a relationship with a man, but won't tell anyone who he is. After they break up, she comes to stay with Eve and James. Both sisters are pregnant and due about a week apart.

Eve dies in childbirth, giving birth to a daughter--Melisande. Eden gives birth a few days later, and dies from an infection about a week after her daughter Astrid is born.

Obviously, James would still have custody of his daughter, Melisande, but is there a way for him to get custody of Astrid as well, even though he was only related to Eden by marriage? Would he have to legally adopt her? What if Eve and Eden's parents supported him getting custody?

I'm sort of stuck.
Tags: ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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