Doormouse (theredoormouse) wrote in little_details,

My ballerina can haz mad Fouette skillz?


Ballet-kitteh-character is very good. I haz seen 12 fouettes done without using your arms on youtube. Iz too much to have her do 18 'steadda 12?

Okay as cute as dancing cat will always be allow me to clarify:

I know very little about ballet, but I can look things up very well in terms of how to do moves and what they are called. However it is hard to get an idea of the difficulty of things for someone as skilled as my main character. While better than me certainly, the only dancers I have been able to find to ask are not of the same caliber as a lead dancer at the Paris Ballet.

My ballet dancer is the lead in this production and I wanted her to pull off something that would make even fellow dancers go: "whoa".

So I have seen that it is possible (though difficult) for a dancer to do fouettes without the benefit of using their arms. (So the arms stay on her waist? Again I am learning the vocabulary as I go so excuse me if I describe things pathetically)

My worry is that in an attempt to use this to showcase skills people didn't know she had I am making it unrealistic.

Also I wanted an excuse to make a macro with dancing cat, I won't lie.

I don't know how to search for what I'm looking for so if you merely have more mad google-fu than I do that is also welcomed.

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