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Alim Siemanym

Handguns & Neopolitan Endearments

Question 1:
One of my characters needs a handgun -- a rare handgun, with hard(er)-to-find and/or expensive ammunition. She's inherited the gun from her grandfather, a WWI & WWII veteran, so it could just be that it's a very old gun that's no longer in production. It needs to be the kind of gun a gun collector would ooh & aah over, and be very impressed that it's in full working condition. It needs to be functional, though, so not one of those ivory-plated, gold-barreled, whatsits a Hollywood lah-dee-dah might carry for show.

My initial thought was a Luger P08 and the ammo be 7.65x21mm Parabellum, but according to Wikipedia the P08 is being produced again as of recently (for a crazy amount of money, but still being produced). This really needs to be an out-of-production rare gun.

Setting: urban/large city USA (Los Angeles, Denver, or Baltimore), present day
Research: Googled combinations of "rare", "handgun", "pistol", "expensive", and "ammo". Wikipedia article for Handgun and various specific models (ex. Luger P08).

Question 2:
Another of my characters is a upper-middle-class, well-educated, well-spoken, middle-aged man, born in Naples (Italy), living in the US and fully fluent in English. In the course of the story, he takes two lovers, and I need terms of endearments he would use for each of them, preferably in Neopolitan though I can fall back on Italian. Both lovers are younger than he is, one is male and the other female.

When I asked in multilingual, I got some general Italian endearments as a starting point (and their Neopolitan equivalents, though as none of the repliers were native Neopolitan-speakers they couldn't tell me if my character would actually say it). From that community I have: cuore (heart; nap.: còre); stella/stellina (star/little star; nap. stella); cucciolo/cucciola (puppy); dolcezza mia (my sweetness); gioia mia (my joy); and bello/bella (beautiful).

If anyone is from Naples, knows someone from Naples, has ever known someone from Naples, has a best friend whose sister's daughter's boyfriend's uncle's dog walker's eighth cousin twice removed is from Naples -- can they pretty please tell me what endearment my character might use? Or point me towards a reference that might help me?

Setting: Miami, USA, 1986-1989
Research: Asked in multilingual, got general Italian terms; various foreign language forums, Google "Neopolitan endearments"
Tags: ~languages: italian, ~weapons: firearms

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