Marquesate (marquesate) wrote in little_details,

Experience of bypass operation and recovery

My character, in his early 40s and very fit. He has an emergency coronary bypass surgery after a heart attack, due to unknown and thus untreated high cholesterol.

The research around this (background, causes, surgery, treatment, recovery, etc) is fairly straightforward, yielding rich data, but alas, what I am looking for are personal insights into such a procedure, and that's from the patient's and the caregiver's/family's point of view.  I might be able to find the facts out there, but that still doesn't mean I can sufficiently write the feelings.

So, if anyone on this community is able to give me any feedback at all on the experience of dealing with a triple bypass operation (especially pain, breathing, tiredness, recovery, sleeping, etc) I'd be extremely thankful. The same goes for experience with aiding a recovering patient. What does it feel like?

Thank you very much in advance.

Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: heart problems

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