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hit by car in 1930s England

here is my scenario: in an affluent area of 1930s (1932-ish) london, a tall, healthy man crosses the street outside his house and walks in front of a truck. he tries to move out of the way, but is struck on the left side. a doctor arrives on the scene and determines the man is dying from his internal injuries.

i need to know what would happen next. would the doctor have someone call for an ambulance? or would he want to move the patient into his home? how quick and reliable were ambulances back then? how skilled were typical doctors? i mean, could a doctor operate at the scene of the accident, a la er or other doctor tv shows today?

i realize these are incredibly vague questions. i'm not sure, however, what the right questions to ask are.

perhaps this would help. this is the outcome i want: the doctor determines the man to be dying and has him moved into his home. the doctor attempts to save his life, but is unable to and the man dies in his own bed. the actual wounds are not important because the story is being told from a hysterical witness with no medical training or knowledge.

i just need to know if this is the kind of thing that would have happened, or if my outcome is completely unfeasible. would a doctor in this situation ever move the severely injured man into his home to try to save him? and would he attempt to operate in the man's home, if he did take him there?

i've been through the tags here and found a lot of medical information that will be useful, but not a lot about health care in england in the 1930s. i've googled "ambulances england 1930," "home health care england 1930," and "car accidents england 1930" without much result. i did learn a lot about the ambulances used then, just not how effective they were.

any information or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.
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