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USA immigration laws

Setting: USA, 2005 (New Jersey)

My questions concern the immigration laws. Character A is from Belarus and is currently in the USA for a while (from the info I already gathered, he needed a tourist Visa to enter the States), as guest of character B. As the story develops, A plans to remain there rather than turning back home. The big wondering is how.

1. Given his Visa, he isn't allowed to look for a job. He should turn his Visa into H2B, but what is the procedure? I don't need to go into details, just to get the main idea.
2. How long does a H2B Visa last, and can it be renewed? If yes, for how long?
3. If A wants to get married with an US citizen (it has to be a fake marriage), how will things work? I guess that A and US Citizen will be checked on, so they'll have to fake an established relationship for some months at least - please, correct me if I'm wrong. A is also friends with lawyers, I was thinking that they could help him in some shady ways, maybe?

Searched: google,,

Thank you in advance! ♥

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