Apis (apistemology) wrote in little_details,

Electromagnetic Pulses

Hey guys. I'm new to Little_Details. Currently, an important part of the story I am writing concerns an electromagnetic pulse going off just above the Black Canyon. I'm moderately sure that such a thing would completely fry the Hoover Dam, but what about the surrounding areas? I've read/seen very conflicting reports of just what an EMP would do to normal, civilian machines, In The Day After, it renders automobiles useless, whereas in Jericho, older cars survive just fine. Some sites say that even electronics that weren't on at the time of the EMP would be affected, whereas others say that they've at least got a slight chance of surviving. Some sites, like Exit Mundi, seem to imply that the only way electronics could be restored after an EMP would be to rebuild them. What would survive? Radios?
Tags: ~science (misc), ~technology (misc)

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