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Sleeping on a Tudor Campaign

I'm writing a story set in France in 1513. After the victory at Therouanne, Henry VIII, his ally, Roman Emperor Maximillian and their armies turned to Tournai at Lille. The town fell to the English who entered it, took control and stationed a garrison.

I need to know where Henry VIII, Maximillian, a typical knight and their armies would sleep after taking Tornai. Would they take over the town with Henry and Maximillian installed in the best buildings? Would they form an encampment with their separate armies and sleep in tents or pavillions? What sort of possessions would they have around them to make life comfortable?

I've researched in various history books, including 'Tudor Knight' by Graham Turner and 'Logistics of Warfare in the age of the Crusades' by John H. Pryor. I've Googled, 'where did Henry VIII sleep on campaign', 'sleeping on tudor campaign', 'tudor campaign's in france', 'tudor knights in battle'. I've also looked at the Wikipedia pages on Henry VIII and Maximillian.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.
Tags: 1500-1599, france: history, france: military (misc), germany: history, uk: history: middle ages, uk: military: historical, ~military (misc)

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