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The Doctor

Plague based on genetics

Google searches: found various information on plague transmission, but it mostly gives me bubonic, which isn't useful.

For a dystopian SF story, I've created a plague which isn't very well understood, but in its current form it only attacks people from particular ethnic groups, which has led to a political backlash and the internment of first-generation immigrants. (Transmission seems to be person-to-person - though immigrant neighborhoods are being burned down, just to be sure....) I'm trying to come up with a possibility - however unlikely - for the people in the camp to be released eventually.

- Is it a legitimate outcome that everyone in the camp would be exposed to the plague, but that those who don't get it are clearly immune, so that the plague burns itself out by having no further victims to hand?

- This is assuming it doesn't mutate, of course. Is it at all likely to remain in this one particular form?

ETA: I'm going to go with a specifically engineered disease and pre-planted genetic markers.

And thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post - I've taken the sensitivity to smells during pregnancy into account, and ran with the 'mistaking one ethnic group for another' idea.
Tags: ~science: biology: genetics
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