freak out, far out, in out (hobbit_feets) wrote in little_details,
freak out, far out, in out

london theatre, 1969

I've been searching for ages for this- trawling through Google search and monologue archives, and this, that, and the other thing, and have had no luck at all.  What I need is a play in which, in the year 1969, in London, a young man- mid to late twenties- would get cast as the lead. Small-to-fair sized cast.  Something that might be performed at a small, fringey type theatre.

I've searched 'london theatre 1969,' 'british theatre 1960's,' and gone through several monologue archives, searching under male monologues, and classical male monologues.  If anyone could come up with something, that would be incredibly helpful.  Thank you very much.

ETA:  Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!  You've been massively, massively helpful.  *blows kisses*

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