Emily (emiliglia) wrote in little_details,

Body shots; WW2 colleges (unrelated)

1) If someone were to attempt body shots with champagne, would you be able to feel the bubbles on your skin?

2) What would college have been like in Depression America during WW2 (pre-American involvement, 1930-1941, anyway)? I know quite a few if not most of the schools weren't coed, which I can find on specific schools' Wikipedia pages, but I was wondering more like length of time spent and majors. Was it 4 year programs like today or were they shorter? Did you go to college to continue a general education in various fields or did you major in something specific? Would there have been gen ed requirements? (ETA: I've decided I'm thinking Yale.)

Thanks for any and all info provided! :)
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~booze, ~world war ii

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