King of the Weevils (zombie_owen) wrote in little_details,
King of the Weevils

Bringing someone back to life

Setting: Year 5,000,000,023 on 'New Earth'

I'm aware that the setting probably looks a little odd, but this is a fic set in the Doctor Who universe. The series of fics I'm planning out hinges partially on something that will happen at the hospital seen on 'New Earth'. Now, I know that the episode of this name says that every disease can be cured, so I've been running on the assumption that it's possible they could bring someone back to life as well. So the questions I have are:

1. Does this sound too implausible or, considering the fandom, is it alright to hand-wave this a bit, as I only plan on referencing the actual resurrection process?

2. The character I'm going to be resurrecting has been dead for a little over a week. Knowing this, would I be right in assuming that tests would be done to make sure that this character's body is functioning correctly, including tests to see if they can feel pain again?

I ran searches on Google using various combinations of 'pain', 'resurrection', 'science fiction', and all the synonyms has for 'resurrection, but everything I found was related to the Christian idea of 'The Resurrection'.
Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine (misc)

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