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Price of Animal Blood

Setting: Modern-day, greater Chicago area.

My character just got turned into a vampire, and I'm trying to figure out how much it's going to cost him to buy animal blood. I figured he'd go to a local butcher shop or slaughterhouse. I can only find prices for medical-grade animal blood, which is rather expensive and I suspect has been processed in various ways that would make it a poor choice for a hungry vampire.

Since I can't find any information on prices, I'm starting to wonder if I need the price of bribing some slaughter-dude rather than the price of the blood. I'd accept that as something he might reasonably have to do. I'd also be interested in knowing if blood from different types of animals would have different prices, if it's available for purchase.

Googling various combinations of blood, animal, cow, chicago, chicago area, cost, price, chicken, butcher, and slaughterhouse.
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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