Caitrin Torres (ctorres) wrote in little_details,
Caitrin Torres

Injury to make airplane travel unpleasant

Time/Place: present day US... Ohio to DC specifically, although I can't imagine it's relevant
Terms searched: injury air travel, air travel medical restriction, similar such combinations, this article, and some followup on terms I didn't recognize on wikipedia

My character is an otherwise-healthy FBI agent, around 30 years old, who travels a lot for work. At the end of a particular case, her options for getting home are a nice, cushy private plane ride (two hour flight or less) or being driven back by a coworker (around eight hours of driving, although they won't take it all in one stretch.)

I need to injure her in such a way that would make a doctor either suggest or insist that the car ride is the better option. She's injured either by a suspect or in pursuit of the suspect, and I'm open to any sort of setting as long is can be found in eastern Ohio or western New York.

Research so far has given me a good idea of times where a person absolutely must not fly (just had a heart attack or stroke, still has a chest tube in) but I'm hoping for something a little less... dire. The car just has to be the better option; it doesn't have to be her only choice. I'd like her to be feeling at least sort of okay by the end of the week.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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