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Transnational adoption, Poland/U.S., 1975

Location: Poland (specific place can vary), U.S. (rural N. Californian town)
Time: 1975
Have searched: combos of "Poland," "adoption," "child," "Communism," "1970s," and most interestingly (and helpful), a fascinating NYTimes article called "Booming Polish Market: Blond, Blue-Eyed Babies," which came out shortly after Communism ended in Poland

I've been searching my brains out for the last few hours, and am completely baffled as to where to go next. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

What I'm trying to find out is whether or not an interracial (Taiwanese woman, Polish-American man; I don't know if the interracial part would be an issue, but I thought I'd mention it) American couple would have been able to adopt a child in Communist Poland in 1975. Assume they are well-heeled, and that they are willing to go through illegal channels to acquire said child. If the only method would be to do it illegally, how would the process go? Because the Poland scenes (if such an adoption is possible) are told retrospectively through the POV of a character who was seven when it happened, details about how such an adoption works are not necessary, but I do need to know if it was possible. Any information helps! The above NYTimes article is fairly helpful in terms of elucidating how money would exchange hands, but is not very clear as to how the child would then be brought over, or how citizenship would then be acquired for the child.

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.
Tags: 1970-1979, poland: history, ~adoption

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