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Absinthe in the UK

In the UK, can you find absinthe in any store that sells liquor? I have a vampire character who is in a fictional rock band that is touring Europe, and he goes on a drinking binge while they're in the UK. In my mythos, vampires originated in Eastern Europe, so absinthe is the drink of choice. (And before anyone says anything, my vampires don't consume it with sugar like humans do; they can tolerate the bitterness, so they just swig it straight from the bottle.) I need to know if my character could just walk into a store in London that sells liquor and pick up a bottle. I'm in the US, so absinthe is illegal here(actually, it's only illegal to import it, but it's not illegal to possess it. And you can bring it into the country if you can somehow prove it's not for human consumption.) and I'm not sure how readily available it is in other parts of the world. So, thanks in advance!


Thanks for all your help! :)

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