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The Doctor

Smells in pregnancy; mild insult for a Hispanic woman

Setting: modern day USA (northern California)

1. I have a character who's a few months pregnant (haven't yet fixed how many; she definitely knows she's pregnant but she's not so far along that she can't get an abortion).

- Is it realistic that the smell of vegetable soup makes her a little nauseous, though not enough to vomit?
- Is milk likely to be a good or a bad thing to drink?
- Is the smell of grilled fish particularly unpleasant?

Having never been pregnant, I call upon the hard-earned wisdom of those who have been. :)

2. There's a Hispanic woman who comes in to do some cooking and light cleaning as kind of a home help (this is the story about a woman whose mother has Huntington's Disease - thanks again for all those comments; I may be back with more questions...). The woman with HD is grumpy and not particularly nice, and I want her to insult the Hispanic woman in an 'all those people are lazy' kind of way. I wondered if there's a mild name or phrase that could be used here, specifically relating to her ethnicity. If necessary I can do a generic insult but I want to emphasize that it's her entire ethnic group that's being dismissed.

I realize that 'mild bigotry' is a bit odd, but I don't completely want to lose the reader's sympathy. (And I don't know exactly where 'Spic' fits on the insult scale, so if that fits, please let me know - Wikipedia wasn't helpful about that.)

Tags: ~medicine: reproduction
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