the variable fictionalization device (custardpringle) wrote in little_details,
the variable fictionalization device

Springtime emergencies in 1972 Boston

So I'm writing a story set in Boston in 1972, and I have a couple of questions! Very pleased to have found you folks.

1. I can Google up information on the current procedure for 911 calls pretty easily, but has it changed much over the last forty years? Would a guy coming home to find his house broken into, circa 1972, have called 911 and gone through pretty much the same question-and-answer spiel as a guy coming home to a burglary would in 2009? And if not, where on Earth would I go to find out what the procedure was?

2. Also, while I'm here-- Googling "Boston spring" gets me tourism sites, and "Boston spring 1972" mostly articles from academic journals, and the Red Sox 1972 season, which I already know about. What are some things that Boston natives especially associate with spring?

Thanks so much.
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: massachusetts

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