Erin (natane) wrote in little_details,

Cell Phone Awesomeness

My rather technology-obsessed fourteen-year-old boy character gets his first cell phone. He's incredibly excited, of course... and spends a few days telling everyone about all the cool things he can do on it.

Besides the standard coolness of being able to take pictures and text friends and such, so far I have...
- updating his myspace/facebook
- playing hangman (yes, this does exist, I do it when I'm bored)

Any ideas? I've been searching for variations on texting, texts, text messaging + games, tricks, services. All I seem to be getting are various sites that take your number and sell you ringtones. He's not that into music so it wouldn't be the best.

I know there's a service called KGB that's now in the US that lets you get any question you want answered, but as their website tried to download something my computer identified as malware, I got off there pretty quick.


eta: It is not an iPhone, just a standard generic flip phone.
Tags: ~technology: phones

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