beta_aquilae (beta_aquilae) wrote in little_details,

Question for railway enthusiasts again

I've been googling for European railway history at e.g. the Orient Express and the Compagnie de Wagons-Lits, but I can't find any really good online sources. Are there any railway history buffs who have pet sites they want to share?

Anyway, my young history master from a public school will be travelling from England to Italy during the Easter hols some time in the 1890s, as a chaperone for one of his younger students on his way to visit his guardian. The route from Paris will be something like Strasbourg-Basel-Zurich-St Gotthard-Milan-Firenze-Rome-Naples (unless any experts are objecting). Now, my estimation is that the journey might take something like two nights and one day - possibly even two. Does that sound realistic?

Now off to read Stalky & Co.

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