chelsea the mod pixie (modpixie) wrote in little_details,
chelsea the mod pixie

i am currently writing a fantasy script in which i want to imply that one of the characters is physically and/or sexually abused. the character has some telekinetic ability, and the actor playing the character is under the age of consent. after poking at this for a while i'm having a hard time implying -- both in the fantasy/seance scenes and in the more realistic scenes -- that he has been abused, beyond some of the obvious factors (we see his caretaker slapping him around, he has a mysterious sore on his face, etc; additionally, his telekinesis becomes more obvious when he is being abused).

the wikipedia has given me some help in terms of how abuse victims would behave in general, with a particular focus on parents. how would a character who is being physically and sexually abused react/interact with a female character in whom he may have some romantic interest?

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