Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Belladonna-Laced Bunny

Googled: Rabbits Belladonna
Other source: The Deadly Doses

Setting: RPG in Ancient Rome circa First Century AD. (The mod is pretty easy-going as far as historical accuracy. I get the impression that this is sort of like the Classical World of Herc and Xena. I guess you could say I'm striving to get things as accurate as possible, but slight anachronisms are okay.)

So, while trying to find a way for a character to off his grandfather without making it look like an obvious murder, I discovered that if a rabbit ingests belladonna, it won't suffer ill effects, however, if that rabbit is then fed to some poor unsuspecting soul, the poison will be transmitted. What I could not gather from my source material was

1) For about how long, prior to slaughter, should the rabbit be fed the belladonna?

2) Approximately how much time can be expected to elapse from the time that the first symptoms are felt until death ensues?

3) How much of the rabbit would need to be eaten?

The murder victim is in his 80s. So far, the only health issues mentioned in the game have been a slight dimming of his mental faculties, but other ailments can definitely be worked in.

The man will die "alone" in his villa, i.e. with his slaves around, but no friends or family.
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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