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Obtaining a Fairy Servant and the Life of a Manservant in the 1500s (High Renaissance)

Setting- High Renaissance, 1500s. Northern Europe.

Search History- Google- 'fairy servant' 'reward for helping a fairy' 'helping a fairy' 'folklore saving a fairy's life' 'folklore saving a life' 'folklore indebted' 'saving a fairy's life' 'page' 'squire renaissance' 'page renaissance' 'manservant renaissance'. Wikipedia- page, squire, fairies, fossegrim. Books- Family Life in Early Modern Times (1500-1789)

Ok. So, im working on the backstory of two characters who were born in the 1500s, some time in the High Renaissance. One is a human and the other is a Fossegrim. For the purposes of the story, I need the Fossegrim to be a servant of the human, or at the very least, traveling with him and owing the human a *huge* favor.

1. Under what circumstances would a human find himself in possession of a fairy servant? my Google searches have found a lot of fairy tales dealing with fairy servants, but no actual cases of a human employing a fairy servant. Are there any fairy tales of a fairy serving a human in repayment of a debt, or some other reason (like selkies marrying humans when their skins are hidden?) Could a human request or somehow obtain a fairy servant from another fairy as repayment for a debt, a boon, a gift, ect?

2. What would the life of a manservant be like in the 1500s? What would be his responsibilites, his duties to his employer? what would his daily life be like? what would his living conditions be like? would any of these change when he and his employer where traveling? basically, any and all information on manservants would be appreciated.

Another quick question, raised by some of the comments; what would happen to a fossegrim if their pond was drying up, and some human came along and took the last of the water, like a thirsty traveller refilling his canteen? would he have to follow the water? kill the human to get it back? would he simply die because his pond had no water, or have to move to another pond like the dryads do with trees?

Edit- thank you for all of your information and comments. It has given me a lot to mull over- although, this community always does. I mean that in a good way!

Tags: 1500-1599, europe: history, ~folklore (misc)

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