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Knife Wound to the shoulder

In my story/fairytale, set in pseudo Dark Ages, a 48 (there abouts, I might make him younger) year old man in good health receives a dagger to his shoulder during a fight. The dagger is tossed at him so it goes in about three or four inches, no vital organs are hit, dagger remains in wound until he's taken to someone who can help him. Would cauterizing and stitching be a bad idea? How fast could it take to heal (not completely--he just needs to be well enough to get out of town fast, before his attackers find him again)? How soon could the wound heal completely if at all?

Possible suggestions for search queries would also be appreciated.

Some that I've already tried: shoulder wound, knife cut, rate of healing, 48 year old man, dark ages
shoulder wound, knife cut, rate of healing, 48 year old man
shoulder wound, knife cut, 48 year old man, treatment
dagger cut, shoulder wound, treatment

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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