kosaginolegion (kosaginolegion) wrote in little_details,

Late Victorian era racial attitudes - Britain

I know that Britain at around the time period didn't have a great track record when it came to dealing with non-whites. What I need to find are source materials that might give me a better idea of what sort of things a non-white might experience. The character is 'half-caste', one step up from a street kid, the son of a prostitute and for the most part self-educated. I need to work out how many problems he'd run into at the British Museum and what could be done to counter them so I can get him where he needs to go.

Are there any good studies on that sort of thing around? On the web or off, though preferably on as my local libraries may not have access.

I've done some preliminary research in the web-sites about the Victorian era and the history of the British Museum, but haven't run across anything specific enough to help, yet.

ETA: Much thanks folks. You've got me some of what I need. Of course, if anyone has more to add I'll be glad to hear it. This story is going to take a while to finish because of all the research.

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