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paranoid schizophrenia in a child

I'm researching for a script set in modern day, small(ish) town America. No specific setting has been chosen yet. I've read every article on Wikipedia related to schizophrenia and related symptoms that I can find. I also looked through the archives here. Other reliable resources are welcome and appreciated.

The story is intended to confuse the viewer whether the main character is mentally ill or if the things he is experiencing are actually happening, so I'm okay with having things happen that aren't entirely explainable by schizophrenia, but I'd like to be as accurate as I can, and know where I'm deviating (and not just be making mistakes).

Quick rundown of the plot: Dad is involved in criminal activity, and he knows things are going bad with his crew. Mom doesn't know about the criminal stuff, and Son is roughly 6 and wouldn't know. Dad takes Son to a meeting to assure his security. The rest of the crew doesn't care, and kills Dad in front of Son. Son starts experiencing phenomenon- instead of seeing his own reflection, he sees Dad, and has conversations with him. At first, his behavior worries Mom, but with Dad's instruction, he stops talking about what he's experiencing and does his best to appear normal. Eventually Son, in his late teens, goes and kills everyone involved with Dad's death, under Dad's instruction, and then Mom and himself.

The schizophrenic symptoms I have him displaying are delusions, hallucinations and alogia, which I think is consistent with paranoid schizophrenia.

My questions: since early onset schizophrenia is relatively uncommon, and with Dad's help Son does his best to act normal, is it possible that his behavior could continue unmedicated and unmonitored? Also, is paranoid schizophrenia a likely possibility to explain him seeing and conversing with his dead father in reflective surfaces, and thinking that the people who killed his father will eventually kill him and his mother, encouraging him to get them first? Do I have any glaring mistakes so far?

Thanks, all!
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