Snarking toward Enlightenment (chaosphaere) wrote in little_details,
Snarking toward Enlightenment

Premodern trajectory of lung disease

(xposted to medical_geeks)

Where do I find info/biographical accounts regarding the trajectory/progression of chronic lung diseases, in one or both of the following settings:

1) Cultural or religious setting where there isn't a huge importance placed upon going to great heroics to keep someone alive past their ability to be comfortable and useful, or where there is a disbelief in using many modern interventions.


2) Progression of chronic lung diseases in premodern settings. How long would it have taken someone to die of emphysema or similar, say, in 1950/prior as opposed to now?

Biographical accounts work. I'm more interested in human stories than dry statistics.

I know there is plenty out there about TB, but the character in question doesn't have TB, and TB has its own unique characteristics, so that's not terribly useful to me.

Most of the issue is "how long" and "what it's going to be like". The blogs of people with lung disease aren't helping me much; there's too much that's specifically modern and this cultural setting - for example, we 21st century Westerners tend to go to every last heroic effort to keep someone alive, and there is a big stigma toward death.

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