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16th Century Military-wear

I'm looking for any general guidance about the uniforms of the Holy Roman Empire. I've been googling (in English and somewhat flimsy German) and roaming through History books, and have also visited the Military Museum in Vienna but it was just outside my timeframe and didn't clarify what I was looking for.

Specifically, these are the things I'm looking for:
- were the uniforms given to the soldiers when they were joined up? Were the costs of said uniforms taken from their wages?
- were there different accoutrements during winter?
- were different ranks given very different clothing? (I know the Landknechtes had the most fantastic clothing, but they were showy mercenaries)
- was nicking a dead colleague's uniform to replace your own damaged one frowned upon/done a lot?
- what would a page and a general foot soldier be likely to wear as part of a uniform?
- how common would armour actually be for the common little soldier in an army that was underpaid and frequently as disorganised as the Holy Roman one?

Unfortunately, most of the information I can find starts in the 17th century and onwards, so if anyone could help, I would be really grateful :)
Tags: 1500-1599, europe: history, ~military (misc)

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