The Doctor (pisica) wrote in little_details,
The Doctor

Two questions and a thank you!

(NB any typos are because I am trying to type around my cat.)

Both questions relate to Germany in the 1920s/1930s, and a Berlin family who would probably be considered upper-middle-class (and, later, fairly high-ranking Nazis).

1. Little girls (anywhere from ages 5 to 12) needing handkerchiefs. Do they carry them in pockets? Tucked in sleeves? Not at all?

2. One of these girls carries a glitzy bag that her mother used to use for carrying her powder compact and other bits and pieces in. Would that necessarily be a clutch purse (which I am finding lots of vintage examples of)? Basically, it needs to have a strap, and I can always have an older girl sew some kind of strap onto it, but if handbags with straps were also used then I can cut that step.

And the thank you: I gave the full MS to a Published Author to read, and one of the comments she made was 'great little detail!' about something make-up related that I'd asked about here. So thanks! :D
Tags: germany: history, ~clothing
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