the_norseman (the_norseman) wrote in little_details,

Size of Anatolian Wild Boar

Simply put I have the figures for a large Indian boar: Height at wither, 38 inches ; length, 60 inches; girth, 55 inches ; girth of forearm, 14 inches ; tushes, 8 inches; weight, 300 lbs.

However I've found that the Anatolian Wild Boar can reach sizes of 660-730 lbs, with tusks reaching 10 inches or more. However when I go online to find the heigh, length, etc of these boars I find nothing at all. Assuming a seven or eight year old boar of maybe 600 lbs, what would its other measurements be like? Is there a place where I can find a chart? Or is there some other method of making the calculation?

It's not critical, but I have a character who's out pigsticking and I'd like to know what exactly he'd be able to catch.
Tags: ~animals (misc)

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