catwoman (missblackheart7) wrote in little_details,

The placement of a London town house of an aristocratic family

The characters living in the house are titled nobility, and the house was built in the first part of the 19th century.

So, which part of London would the house be in? I looked up London districts and I got a lot of useful information, but I'd like to hear people who live in London saying where it would be most likely to have it, keeping in mind that the family has lived there since the house was built, and are still living there in the present (it wasn't donated for use, turned into office buildings, etcetera, etcetera)?

I was thinking Knightsbridge, Belgravia or St. James's, but Knightsbridge always struck me as a "noveau riche" district from some reason, and I thinkt that St. James's is more of a commercial area presently. But, you know, I may be completely off and there's something much more likely than these.

Where should I put it?

EDIT: I've found out that it's also important how old the family is, so I thought I'd include that they had been ennobled somewhere circa 1700, but the house was built in the early 1800s. Also, I'm thinking Belgravia or Mayfair now.

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