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Folk songs in the Yucatan peninsula

Setting: way far future, spaceship populated by the descendants of working-class people from the Yucatan peninsula

Question: I'm looking for folk songs that a working-class person living in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico might sing, especially one that's a classic already and might endure to the way far future (something people might sing to remind them of home). Something that the indigenous Mayan population sings now would be perfect. A good English translation and/or a recording would be like ecstasy. :)

Searched already: Googled "folk songs" +"yucatan peninsula" alllll the way to the end of the listing (got a lot of travelogues talking about how the 'natives' sang folk songs), searched the database here (nothing even close), looked at the YouTube listings for "folk songs yucatan peninsula" and got nothing, "folk songs mexico" got some hits but not sure which are good ones for what I want (a lot of this seems to be 'world music' where someone took something they liked from a folk song but I'm not sure it's authentic).

ETA: I need something that, if someone native to and living in the Yucatan today heard it, they would recognize it because their grandma (or whoever) sang it to them, or their buddies sing it, or it's a popular folk song. Something that is considered a song specific to that area. It does not have to be Mayan, but if you know a Mayan one, that would be better.

Any help much appreciated!
Tags: mexico (misc), ~music

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