Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in little_details,
Ansela Jonla

Napoleonic era insults about the Welsh

Time: Napoleonic era/modern day (involuntary time travel is involved, from the former to the latter)

Circumstances: British soldiers from the Napoleonic era (some from the 95th Rifles and some from the South Essex) have accidentally been transported from early 1800s Spain to modern day Cardiff. One of the men, an Irish Sergeant, lets loose with a series of insults when someone tells them where they are.

Would 'sheep shagger' have been in use as a slur towards Welsh people in general circa 1809-13, or would a different term be more appropriate? If it was, would it be a term known by a typical Irishman who has been in Wellington's army for at least 8 years, since he was 16 years old? If it wasn't, is there any record of what names would have been in use for the Welsh back then?

Searched: 'sheep shagger', 'history of sheep shagger' (not really much use, given the general nature of the internet), 'napoleonic ear insults', 'napoleonic era insults about the welsh'

mods, may I suggest an 'insults' tag?

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