arantzain (arantzain) wrote in little_details,

Airport Records?

Setting: San Diego and Las Vegas, 2004
Searched: Variations of "airport records", "passenger recording," "airport passenger records", etc.

Circumstances: I have a character looking to match video footage of four passengers embarking and disembarking in the San Diego airport with the names on their tickets. The caveat: she has full access to airport security but not necessarily to individual carrier's records.

Question: Would airport security have access the passenger manifests from the appropriate airlines? I assume so, but I want to be sure.

Corollary question: Would airline security be handled by the same corporation that oversees the operation of the airport generally?

ETA: Early commenter reminds me to add: the character does not have access to the full might and majesty of the law. Her employer owns the corporation which operates the San Diego airport.
Tags: ~travel: air travel

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